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Common Questions and Answers

  • How can I help?
    • Tell your friends.  Post ads offering free meat from wild game on Craig's List in your local market and direct them to the registration page on huntersforhungry.com.  A sample ad for free services would be something like:
      Item:  Free Whole Deer (Union County NC) 
      Description:  If you are interested in receiving a free whole deer freshly harvested this fall please visit www.huntersforhungry.com and register today. 

  • Why deer?
    • Hunting was found to be the only cost effective method or controlling and maintaining stable deer population. 

  • Who delivers the game?
    • The Donor (Hunter) would normally deliver the animal, but participants can make other arrangements.

  • How can I tell if the animal is safe to eat?
    • This is up to the recipient to determine. Ask the hunter when the game was harvested and what care was given to ensure quality. Examine the carcass. Is it clean and dry? Examine the carcass and smell the body cavity. If it smells spoiled, don't accept it. Carcasses that are dry and properly cooled can keep for several days if night time temperatures are below 40 and the carcass is kept in the shade.

  • How do I cook venison?
    • Check out the recipe page. Venison steaks are best cooked medium or medium rare. Overdone meat gets dry and tough. Ground meat works well for most burger recipes. However, venison is lean and does not stick together very well.

  • How long can I keep venison?
    • It is best to consume the venison within a year. Improperly wrapped meat may freezer burn within a few months. Legally venison can be kept up to 18 months.

  • Responsibilities of the Donor?
    • Make a clean, one shot kill. Field dress and cool the deer immediately. Remove all internal organs, including the windpipe. Keep it clean. Explain to the recipient the care you took with the carcass. Fill out Hunters For Hungry Transfer Tag and give it to the recipient of your deer.

  • Responsibilities of the Recipient?
    • Inspect the carcass before accepting it. You may refuse to accept the carcass if you feel it has not been properly cared for. Properly care for the meat. Keep the Custody Tag until you have used all the venison.

  • How do I dispose of the bones?
    • Generally in household trash. Check with your refuse contractor. It is illegal to dump carcass remains in ditches, streams or anywhere you do not have permission.