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Listen to the interview with David Schwartz on Carolina Outdoors.
The Hunters For Hungry voluntary exchange program database with contact information for interested parties to recive thier deer donation in their area.  The parties will contact each other and work out the details for the transfer.  Please note that in most states it is illegal to provide harvested animals in exchange for money or bartered services.

Hunters For Hungry is designed to accommodate the additional harvest of animals.  Hunters who have filled their freezers may still bag a game and provide a valued contribution to the community by donating excess meat.  Registration is free and simple to use.  Take a look at the 2010 nationwide venison donation report to see some incredible results.

Other benefits of the program are:

  • Supplying an organic source of protein to the hungry.

  • Increasing communication between hunters and non-hunters.

  • Increasing hunter recruitment, development, retention and awareness.

Hunters For Hungry is not responsible for the quality of venison or the failure of the donor or recipient to follow through with the transfer.  Hunters are responsible for reporting harvest prior to making the exchange.  When transferring game animals, the hunter must provide the recipient with a completed Hunters For Hungry Transfer Card.  Hunters are responsible for including any additional information on the transfer tag that may be required by their state of game harvest.